The ‘Power’ of a well-formatted Resume for IT Industry

Our eyes are the index of our face. Same way, resume is the index of your profile.

Formatting the resume – both in appearance and by content – is the foundation of your job search. Having great skills, good communication, confidence, experience will be half the story unless you present all these in a well-drafted resume.

Here are some tips to put together a killer resume that will catch the attention of your potential employer. This post is more geared towards IT industry. Others too can benefit from these tips.

Some fundamentals before we begin:

Start a new Document. Do not ‘save as’ someone else’s resume
Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Document is preferred. You may also use Google Drive Doc
One inch margin on all four sides is preferred
Pick a universal font – most recommended are Georgia, Arial, Time Roman, etc.
Do NOT use lines, floral designs, boxes, etc.
Always use round bullets for lists
Your personal details
Your Full Name
Title for which you are seeking a job
Telephone Number
Email ID
If you have certification, show it on the right side of the resume
A four to five lines summary covering your education, experience, functional and technical skills, etc. A good summary is essential to help the hiring manager gain more interest in your candidature.
List all your Functional and Technical Skills like Language, Databases, Reporting Tools, ERPs, Tools, etc.
Education, Training, and Certifications
Provide details of your college degrees along with the name of the University, year of passing and Major
Same way, list all your training programs you have attended
If you have certifications, list out all of those along with Certification ID and Certification granting organizations. Example: PMI, IIBA, Microsoft, etc.
Project Experience
Under this header list out all the jobs, projects you have handled in descending chronological order. Project information should have these details
Name of the Employer/Client
Title, Dates, City and State
About the project
Responsibilities and Accomplishments
Technologies used in the project

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