SAP is the largest business software maker in the world and third largest software company. SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning Application (ERP) mostly used by large and medium sized business.

We provide various options for accessing SAP training and knowledge to suit your circumstances and requirements. Whether you are searching for education based on your business size or industry, your SAP solution, or the way you want your education delivered, our courses will provide you the optimal offering. Our professional and certified SAP partners will train you to use your SAP software to its greatest advantage, focusing on real-life scenarios and case studies, making it easier to understand how SAP is used in current businesses today.

**Courses Offered:

  • SAP End User Training

  • Business Processes in Sales and Distribution


**We do NOT offer Certification Programs in SAP

SAP End User Training 

If you do not have any experience, knowledge or prior training in SAP, this course is a prerequisite and is highly recommended. New SAP users quickly learn how to execute their daily tasks efficiently, while users with more experience can discover new ways to refine existing processes in key functional areas.

General Program Overview/Topics:

  • System Overview

  • End-user Activities

  • Configuration, Customization, basic ABAP knowledge

  • Full Lifecycle Implementation Overview (ASAP)

  • Introduction to Solution Manager

Business Process in Sales and Distribution

This course is aimed at consultants, project managers, project team members and key users who have some experience with SAP.  Participants are trained on the fundamental business processes in sales and distribution, and how to perform the most important functions in the process chain, from pre-sales to customer payment, in the SAP system.


General Program Overview/Topics:

  • Organizational structures in sales and distribution

  • Working with the relevant master data for the processes

  • Overview of the process chain

  • Introduction to the availability check

  • Sales and distribution processing with make-to-order production

  • Complaints processing

  • Introduction to sales and distribution reporting

  • Introduction to the Internal Sales Representative role

  • Materials management and manufacturing

  • Financial Accounting

Additonal Skills Recommended

General working knowledge of computer operations and Windows operating systems. Should have few years of experience in any of these following business processes (departments): Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, HR, Customer Service, Accounting, etc.